About Govt. Murray Graduate College Sialkot

Govt. Murray Graduate College Sialkot

What is now called Govt. Murray College Sialkot and takes pride in being the alma mater of the great poet, Philosopher of the East, Dr. Allama Muhammad Iqbal and Faiz Ahmad Faiz, had a very modest beginning. It was initially started in 1868 as a high school but was, in 1889, upgraded to the status of an Intermediate college.

In 1889, the Governor of the Punjab earmarked a financial grant for establishment of a college in Sialkot. Consequently, the Intermediate section of the college was started and Dr. J. W.Youngson (1889-1891) became the founder principal of this college.

Dr. Muhammad Iqbal was enrolled as an intermediate student in 1883. His mentor, Maulvi Mir Hassan, served the college for a record period of sixty long years. We, thus, salute the great scholar-teacher Maulvi Mir Hassan. In 1909, the college was shifted to the current premises and named as Murray College because it was necessitated by a legacy £1500 left by Cap. John Murray. Since then the college had the honor to have prestigious personalities like Rev. George Waugh, Rev. Dr. William Scott, Rev. John Garret, Prof. D.L. Scott and Prof. R.C. Thomas gave the college the dignity, prestige and an academic standard which became a benchmark in the sub-continent.

The college was nationalized by the government of Pakistan in 1972 and was renamed to Government Murray College. Owing to the dedicated services of principals, college started B.Sc. classes in 1977 and later in 1997, Computer Science department was established. The vision and dedication of principals like Prof. Ahmad Raza Siddiqui, Prof. A.D. Naseem, Prof. Agha Afzaal Ali Khan, Prof. M. Arshad Siddiqui, Prof. Riaz Sadiq, Prof. G. Qamar Malik and Prof. Javed Akhtar Billah ensure this college maintain its pride and stature.

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