Admission Policy

Admission Policy: Intermediate

  1. Admission process starts on the date announced by the Registrar Office of the College and continues according to the schedule of BISE Gujranwala. Students should contact to the College General Administration Office for further information.
  2. The college encourages using online admission facility, candidates shall apply online and hard copies of their application forms along with required attested documents and submit to the college admission office
  3. To avoid inconvenience, the details of required documents are available in the prospectus as well as online on college website.
  4. Applications which are not registered within due date, whether online or manually, shall not be considered for admission.
  5. The principal may keep 10 % of the total number of seats in each faculty for 15 days for meritorious students who may not turn up for admission within the prescribed time for admission due to unavoidable circumstances, The minimum marks declaring a candidate as meritorious will be determined by the admission committee of the college.
  6. If a student applies for admission one or more years late (maximum up to two years), he/she shall produce an affidavit to the effect that he has not been admitted to any college / institution previously and he is availing the opportunity for admission for the first time.
  7. Students passing in supplementary examination are not eligible for admission in the academic year in which he has passed the examination.
  8. Students who failed in any class or did not appear in the examination or discontinued their studies are not allowed re-admission in the same or lower class.
  9. Students failed in one or more subjects are not allowed to take admission in Part-I of Intermediate.
  10. Students placed in “E” grade in SSC exam are not allowed admission in 1″Year in any faculty/group.
  11. General conditions as well as conditions specific to particular faculty/group or subject for admission to the Intermediate Level are those set by the BISE Gujranwala for the relevant level, faculty or subject.
  12. No regular admission in any class is allowed to a candidate who has already passed equivalent examination in another faculty/group or subject.
  13. The candidates who fail to confirm their seat by depositing the required fee within stipulated time period shown on merit list shall lose their right of admission and his seat will be offered to the next candidate in order of merit. However, if such candidate(s) turn for admission at a later stage and vacant seats are available then such candidates may be given opportunity before offering admission to next candidate(s) having lower stage on the merit list.
  14. Cancelation of Admission Admission in the college shall stand cancelled under the following circumstances: •If any information given by the student in his Admission Form is found to be incorrect at any stage. •If a student fails to attend the classes within 10 days of the start of the session. •If a student is found to be professional agitator, or has been struck off from any educational institution on disciplinary grounds. •If a student is practically involved in politics or political organization, On the request of the student provided the request is made within a specified time period notified the registrar office.
  15. Struck off on Account of Absenteeism: A student who remains absent for more than six (6) consecutive days without approved leave shall be struck off the college rolls without any notice.
  16. Re-Admission A student whose admission is cancelled or whose name is struck off on the basis of long absence can apply for re-admission to the Principal within 10 days of the issue of such notification. The Principal may allow his re-admission on payment of the Re-admission fee/Admission Fee and any other outstanding dues. Re-admission for the second time in a current academic session shall not be generally allowed. However, genuine and deserving cases may be submitted to the Director of Education Gujranwala Division on the basis of valid documentary proof with the condition that the applicant can make up for his shortages and can fulfill the requirement of 75% attendance during the remaining period of the session.
  17. Change of Subject Change of faculty is not allowed. However, change of subject is allowed subject the following conditions: • The student must apply for change of subject within 30 days of the start of the classes. • Change of subject is allowed only within a faculty or group of subjects, subject to availability of seats.
  18. Migration to or from the college may be allowed by the Principals of both the colleges subject to the conditions. • That the applicant is seeking migration from a college situated beyond 16 kilometer of this college • That the request is based on genuine grounds like parents/spouse transfer, family shifting, family enmity ormarriage duly supported by documentary proof. • The migration is within the prescribed time period of BISE Gujranwala

Admission Policy: Undergraduate

The College Council is in charge of developing the Admission Policy. Murray College Sialkot Admissionto Govt. Murray College, Sialkot is granted to students on the basis of their academic performance and achievements. Admissions to the SCIENCE and ARTS faculties are granted by the Principal based on the recommendations of the Science and Arts Admission Committees, respectively, in each of the faculties.

  1. Applications for the Master of Arts and Master of Science programs are approved by the Principal based on recommendations from The Board of Post-graduate Studies (Board of Post-graduate Studies).
  2. Murray College Sialkot Admission are granted on the basis of a student’s academic performance. When it comes to Murray College Sialkot Admission, the only merit is taken into consideration. Admissions to the B.S. four-year program as well as M.A./M.Sc. programs will be the responsibility of all department heads.
  3. The Murray College Sialkot Admission Policy is formulated by the College Council in accordance with the directives of the Punjab Government’s Education Department.
  4. Murray College Sialkot Admission to GMC is solely at the discretion of the Principal of Govt Murray College, Sialkot, who also serves as the College’s administrative head, and is not subject to appeal.
  5. Candidates seeking Murray College Sialkot Admission to various classes are notified of the openings through advertisements in the national dailies published at the appropriate time. In Gujranwala, the admissions to Intermediate Classes are handled by the Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (BISE). Students admitted to the College are registered with the Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (BISE), Gujranwala. The admissions of Inter. students are governed by the rules and regulations of the Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Gujranwala.
  6. Students enrolled in the B.S. 4 Year Programme are admitted to the University of Gujarat for the purpose of registration. M.A./M.Sc. Applicants for Murray College Sialkot Admission to Punjab University, Lahore are guided by the university’s academic calendar. The students are interviewed by the Murray College Sialkot Admission Committee, which is chaired by the Principal when they apply for admission to the school.
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