Allama Iqbal Library

Allama Iqbal Library

In this college, the library holds a prominent position and plays a crucial role in the undergraduate (BS-FYDP) and graduate (BS) programmes. A well-equipped and well-managed library is the foundation of the modern educational system. The goals of higher education and university libraries are related. Deserving and enthusiastic students of all backgrounds are welcome to enrol in the liberal arts college. Each student gains a sense of responsibility for the quest of knowledge thanks to this library.

Library Rules

  1. The library remains open from 9.00 a.m. to 2.00p.m on all working days.
  2. Students are admitted in the Library and Reading Room on production of Identity Cards.
  3. Books taken out by staff / students shall not be retained for more than a fortnight (14) days from the date of issue.
  4. Failure to return a book on the due date makes the staff / student liable to a fine of Rs.50/- per day.
  5. Borrowers are responsible for the loss or damage to books taken out on loan or for consultation by them. The marking of books in ink or with pencil, spoiling or injury to binding, underling of passages, writing of remarks, etc on the leaves of the books or on illustrations, tearing off pages, pictures, etc. will be held to be serious charges.
  6. Sub-Lending of books is not allowed.
  7. Students must clear their dues before they receive their Roll No. slips for the University Examinations at the termination of their academic course or before they receive their Transfer Certificate, if they leave before the completion of their academic course.
  8. All books are to be returned if a member of staff takes leave for more than a month /Transfer to another College.
  9. In all matters regarding the library the decision of the principal shall be final. Complaints and suggestions related to services from the Library shall be given in writing to the Principal.

Prof. syed Shahbaz Haider

Incharge Librarian

Adeel Khaid

Ass. Librarian

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