The Vice Principal of Govt. Murray Graduate College

Vice Principal’s Message

Prof. Naseer Ahmed Ghazi

Vice Principal

I sincerely hope that with the spirited support and committed cooperation, we shall be able to make this college an exemplary institute in the region as well as among others across the world. The uphill task of maintaining cordial and congenial academic atmosphere is the pre-requisite for the dissemination of education and learning to the blooming youth.

The Proctorial Board in particular and the honourable members of the staff in general have played a pivotal role in making this institution peaceful for academic and co-curricular pursuits. The role of the Vigilance Committee configured to cope with any untoward incident is appreciable.

We are committed to make this seat of learning a peaceful citadel and a second home to all who are engaged to it; we are committed to raise the banner of fraternity, brotherhood and peaceful co-existence; we are committed to cleanse our ranks of hatred, campaigns of vilification, hooliganism and gangsterism; we are committed to ensure a strong sense of belonging and security on the campus. The clouds of panic and harassment, if any, will be shattered from the college campus. Discipline is the top most priority here and we shall never show any leniency in this regard. An uncompromising, intolerable and indisciplinary behaviour shall be brought to book.

Cleanliness is next to godliness. We have made utmost efforts to turn the campus green by tree plantation. The blooming flowers all around add up to the scenic beauty of the college. The grassy lawns are kept neat and clean, trimmed and mowed and looked after round the clock. The students are directed to keep the college premises neat and clean, not to trespass flower beds and not to pluck the dewy fragrant hues.

We have a dream to see the future nation builders building a powerful, scientifically advanced, economically vibrant, politically stable, religiously tolerant and socially well knit society that is free of any bias, prejudice and bigotry. We are bound to inculcate the lessons of patriotism, humanity and forbearance to the futurity.

Professor Naseer Ghazi
Vice Principal

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