Department of Islamic Studies


The Department aims at realizing the long cherished dream of striking a balance between the pristine values of Islam as outlined in the Holy Qur`an and the Sunnah, and the practical challenges of contemporary times. We strive to cultivate a spirit of dispassionate research and critical thinking skills endowed with tolerance and harmony. Highly qualified academicians have been engaged to focus on achieving excellence in education and research and contributing to the intellectual, cultural and social development of the institution. The Mission is to Initiation of Qur’an Cell for spreading the real message of Qur’an and to Initiation of Da ‘wah cell for providing training / refresher courses to the teachers of Islamic studies at all levels as well as teachers of Madaris in Sialkot. The overall objective of the Department of Islamiyat is to provide quality education in Islamic Studies, to enhance proficiency in research methods and to enable students to apply this knowledge and skills for betterment of the society. The Department also expects its graduates to play key role in bridging the gaps between Mawlawi and Mister and enhance harmony in the country.

Faculty Members

Prof. Nadeem Qaiser


Head of Department

Prof. Dr. M. Tayyab Usmani


BS Islamic Studies Program

Starts inFall semester
LocationGMC Sialkot
Duration4 years

Admission Requirement

  • Intermediate: At least second division
  • At least 50% marks in departmental test

Scheme of Study


  • English –I
  • Arabic Studies -I
  • IT-I
  • Islamic Studies Compulsory
  • 2 General subjects


  • English –II
  • Arabic Studies -II
  • Pak Studies
  • IT-II
  • 2 General subjects


  • English –III
  • Quran Studies
  • Math-I
  • Arabic Studies -III
  • 2 General subjects


  • Arabic Studies -IV
  • Fiqh Studies-I
  • Fiqh Studies-II
  • Hadith Studies
  • 2 General subjects


  • Al-Quran-I
  • Al-Hadith-I
  • Arabi Zuban o Adab-I
  • Tarikh e Islam-I
  • Islami Akhlaq o Tsawuf
  • Basic Islamic Knowledge (in English language)


  • Al-Quran-II
  • Al-Hadith-II
  • Arabi Zuban o Adab-II
  • Tarikh e Islam-II
  • Taqabul e Adyan
  • Tedrees-e-Islami ki Maharat


  • Al-Fiqh-I
  • Dawat o Irshad
  • Islam ka Syasi Nizam
  • Islam ka Moasharti Nizam
  • Triqa e Tahqiq
  • Islam ka Moashi Nizam


  • Al-Fiqh-II
  • Tareekh-e-Afkar o Uloom e Islami
  • Islam and Science
  • Islami Aqaed
  • Musalmanun kay Wasael–o-Msael
  • Islam and Philosophy or Ilm-ul-Kalam or
  • Thesis

General Subjects

  • Sociology-I&II
  • Pol. Sciences-I&II
  • Psychology-I&II
  • Education-I&II
  • History-I&II
  • Statistics-I&II
  • Geography-I&II
  • Economics-I&II
  • Mass Com-I&II
  • Fine Art-I&II
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