Department of Urdu


The Punjab government nationalized my college along with other educational institutions in 1972, then the Urdu department got a separate and unique character and it was named the Department of Urdu Linguistics and Literature. The first president of the Urdu department of Murree College was Maulvi Syed Mir Hasan during his tenure. Received the title of “Shams Ulama” from the British Government. The proud disciple of Maulvi Mir Hassan, the universal poet “Dr. Allama Muhammad Iqbal” received the title of “Sir” from the British Government. Another famous poet of Maulvi Mir Hassan “Faiz Ahmad Faiz” was awarded “Lenon Price For Peace” by the Government of Russia. Languages ​​are the most important social phenomena that play an important role in people’s lives. Urdu is the most fertile language of the sub-continent and the national language of Pakistan which is developing rapidly as it has become the language of competitive examination. The Department of Urdu is here to meet the challenges of changing the world by producing research-based knowledge and understanding. The Department of Urdu strives to make students sensitive, aesthetic and humane so that they can become leaders of change. Since the study of literature is no longer a leisure and recreational activity, students are encouraged to exercise their critical faculties to study literature in a truly intellectual environment.

Faculty Members

Prof. Nasar Akbar Raina


Head of Department

Prof. Mehar Muhammad ILyas


Prof. Sajjad Haider Bhatti


Prof. Nadeem Islam


Prof. Kashif Ali


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