Department of Political Science


The Department has recruited faculty of diverse academic backgrounds such as Politics, International Relations, defense and Strategic Studies, Government and Public Policy, and European Studies. The faculty is dedicated and well qualified from the premier universities of Pakistan along with some international exposures. The basic purpose of the Department is to equip its students with the knowledge of national and international politics. It promotes a vibrant research culture. The primary focus is on achieving excellence in research that is of both strategic and practical importance. To achieve these objectives the department arranges tutorials, seminars and academic conferences along with regular classes. The Department seeks to advance the science of politics and international relations through teaching and research. For this purpose, the department focuses on grooming students for taking up responsibilities as successful professionals.

Faculty Members

Prof. Dr. M. Iqbal Roy

Assistant Professor

Head of Department

Prof. Muhammad Sohaib Anwar

Assistant Professor

Prof. Samsoon George


Prof. Daud Javed


BS Political Science Program

Starts inFall Semester
LocationGMC Sialkot
Duration4 years

Admission Requirement

  • Intermediate or equivalent with 45 % marks

Scheme of Study

Semester I

  • English-I
  • Islamic Studies
  • Introduction to Basics in Computer
  • Introduction to Political Science-I
  • General-I (Introduction to International Relations)
  • General-II ( Introduction to Economics/Sociology)

Semester II

  • English-II
  • Pakistan Studies
  • Mathematics-I
  • Introduction to Political Science-II
  • General-III (Introduction to Human Rights
  • General-IV (Introduction to Law)


  • English-III
  • Statistics
  • Introduction to Political Science-III
  • Political Systems (Developed) UK & USA
  • General-V (Political History of Pakistan since 1947)
  • General-VI ( Introduction to Economics/Sociology)

Semester IV

  • English-IV
  • Political Systems (Developing) China, India & Turkey
  • Pakistan Movement
  • Constitutional Development in British India (1857-1947)
  • General-VII (Introduction to Public Administration)
  • General –VIII (Intro. to History/Mass Communication

Semester V

  • English Language (Communication Skills)
  • Western Political Philosophy-I
  • Muslim Political Philosophy-I
  • Comparative and Developmental Politics-I
  • Public Administration in Pakistan
  • History of International Relations

Semester VI

  • Western Political Philosophy-II
  • Muslim Political Philosophy-II
  • Comparative and Developmental Politics-II
  • International Law
  • Major Issues of Pakistan’s Politics
  • Political sociology

Semester VII

  • Research Methodology
  • Ideology and Political dynamics of Pakistan
  • Political Parties and Elections in Pakistan
  • Politics of federalism in Pakistan
  • Politics of Human Rights
  • Local Government in Pakistan

Semester VIII

  • Constitutional and Political Development in Pakistan
  • Political Economy of Pakistan
  • Foreign Policy of Pakistan
  • International Organizations
  • International Relations in the New Millennium
  • Contemporary issues in Global Politics
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