Department of Botany


The department has been focusing on the professional development equipped with better communication and analytical skills of the students enrolled in various programs especially at undergraduate level with emphasis on the quality of learning. The faculty has been developing research culture by working in intra and inter departmental collaborations. Currently, the students are being provided research facilities in the field of Biodiversity, Ecology, Entomology, Fisheries, Parasitology, Pest Management, Physiology and Wildlife. The studies will produce well-rounded and competent young scientists who are committed to make positive contributions to the country and the society in the field of Zoological science with learning, courage and integrity

Faculty Members

Prof. Dr. Muhammad Tufail


Head of Department

Prof. Dr. Usman Hameed

Assistant Professor

Prof. Sheharyar Munawar


Prof. Waris Hameed


Prof. Muhammad Qasim


Prof. Touseef Ullah


BS Botany Program

Admission Requirement

  • Intermediate or equivalent

Scheme of Studies


  • English I
  • Introduction to Computers
  • Pakistan Studies
  • Principles of Animal Life I
  • Inorganic Chemistry
  • Diversity of Plants and related Life
  • Diversity of Plants and related Life (Lab)


  • English II
  • Islamic Studies
  • Fundamentals of IT
  • Principles of Animal Life II
  • Organic Chemistry
  • Plant Systematic, Anatomy and Development
  • Plant Systematic, Anatomy and Development (Lab)


  • English III
  • Mathematics
  • Diversity of Animal life I
  • Physical Chemistry
  • Cell Biology, Genetics &Evolution
  • Cell Biology, Genetics &Evolution (Lab)


  • Principles of Management
  • Animal diversity II
  • Plant Physiology &Ecology
  • Plant Physiology &Ecology (Lab)
  • Biodiversity &Conservation
  • Biodiversity &Conservation (Lab)
  • Applied Botany


  • Diversity of Monera
  • Diversity of Vascular Plants
  • Phycology and Bryology
  • Mycology & Plant Pathology
  • Plant Systematics
  • Diversity in Protoctista


  • Plant Anatomy
  • Plant Ecology I
  • Genetics I
  • Plant Biochemistry I
  • Plant Physiology I
  • Research Techniques


  • Molecular biology
  • Plant Biochemistry II
  • Plant Ecology II
  • Plant Physiology II
  • Thesis
  • Fundamentals of Tissue Culture (Opt)
  • Ethno-Botany (Opt)


  • Genetics II
  • Environmental Biology
  • Plant Stress Physiology
  • Thesis
  • Plant Biotechnology(Opt)
  • Horticulture &Landscaping (Opt)

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